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"Dad, how do you talk to yourself? When I talk to myself, when I want to change myself and so talk to myself, myself doesn't seem to listen? How do you get yourself to listen to yourself?" - Deanna, January 2002

These are exhibits from my "Deanna Journal" they highlight moments in the relationship between my daughter and I, and, my work. The ones in red are my favorites.

DEANNA'S HOUSE - A wonderful story about Deanna's preschool teacher and the brilliant and heartful way she taught Deanna to care about a rocky beach.

DEANNA'S LETTERS - "WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF THE WORDS?" - What is the origin of letters and words?

WHERE DO COLORS COME FROM?  - Deanna's artistic portrayal of our dialogue into that question. 

THE MOST POWERFUL WORDS OF TRUST IN THE WORLD - Dad is "I do" the most powerful words of trust in the world?

FEEDBACK FOR DEANNA'S TEACHERFor her to feel 'incorrect' when she wrote the right idea but misspelled it is not right. Its important to get to this level of differentiation in the feedback and correction process to not create a condition where a child's mind is made to be wrong for having done something that was essentially right. Spelling is spelling - thinking is thinking.

DIALOGUE WITH DEANNA'S TEACHER - PART 2  - The book I chose was "A Girl Named Helen Keller" -  I explained the remarkable story to her. This young girl trapped inside herself alone unable to see, or hear or communicate and how a teacher came along to develop a 'code' with her that allowed her to become one of the most remarkable women in history.

"THE RIGHT ANSWER"  - Deanna: My mind doesn't get the right answers. Dad: what does it mean to get the right answers? Deanna: when I get the answer the teacher wants. Dad: OK, how do you get the answer the teacher wants? Deanna: by remembering the right answer from before. 

MEDITATION ON "ING" - Deanna: Dad I don't like my mantra and so I don't like meditating.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE? - You don’t have to believe or not believe in something if you can feel and understand it. You will learn about love for yourself and if you do that well you will discover just how powerful love is.

THE COLOR OF FRIENDSHIP  - Deanna: Why do some white people treat not white people so badly?

PRAYER - Deanna: If I don’t know what it is then I can’t mean it. Until I understand it I am not going to decide if I am going to mean it. 

THE DAY WE TOLD DEANNA - As we talked I think she began to understand that rather than getting the worst of us together, she would now get the best of us apart. She started imagining that and her spirits lifted and we went through another magical day that will take many journal entries to cover.

THINKING ADDICTION  Deanna: My thinking addiction? Dad: Yes. Here, take a moment and close your eyes and try and stop thinking. Deanna: (smiling) I can't...

TRUSTING OUR MEMORIES - How do we know when we can trust our memory? How de we know when we should question our memories?


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