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From: David Boulton
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2002 12:51 AM
Hi Gary,
Today went well. When we first informed Deanna she was angry with us. We couldn't do this to her. She didn't want to understand and she didn't want to hear we were sorry about it. She said amidst crying: "your apologies are not accepted". We stayed together the 3 of us and her mother and I both held Deanna as she wailed with deep heart sorrowful crying for about an hour. We cried with her. We didn't talk at all for most of it. After she had subsided and was calm and present again she said "Dad you are still going to live here in the house aren't you", which then became "Anahola aren't you" and after another 20 minutes we came to her knowing what's going on. Understanding that I am doing everything I can to stay here on the island and that I may not be able to. She moved into a very calm even playful mood.
We just let her flow through it lovingly and patiently. We then, all 3, went out to lunch and things calmly normalized.
As her and I went off to spend an incredible day together more details came in. But there was a now the buds of an excitement for the possibility of a new life. As we talked I think she began to understand that rather than getting the worst of us together, she would now get the best of us apart. She started imagining that and her spirits lifted and we went through another magical day that will take many journal entries to cover.
Later after having gone to bed she awoke and came to me complaining of a hot nausea. We laid together and using the energy work Kirk inspired in our conversation last night she came into a more restful peace just as her mom came home and invited her to sleep upstairs with her.
All in all a heart wrenching day that came to close where it needed to be. Deanna is doing very well. I know this isn't over, this is phase one. But she came through the first portal well supported and she is strong and clear - I think she will do as well as any child can do in these circumstances.
She was already exercising her new powers of persuasion over me and we talked about that. We are off to a healthy start.
Watch for the next journals on her - we had some awesome adventures and revelations.
Thanks for being in this with her and her mother and I

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