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"I am still learning."  - Michelangelo

Stutter: A perturbation in the flow - an involuntary 'drop-out' or 'disconnect' in the flow of attention, engagement or interaction

Every "stutter" in the flow of an individual's interactions with any "resource" intended to support or facilitate their learning, performing, participating, using or enjoying...

any aspect of: a product, process, service, (course, book, computer simulation, game, etc...)

is a great opportunity for both the individual and for all those involved in providing what he or she is interacting with.

For the individual, each stutter is an internal feedback signal indicating that something is missing, needed or incomplete. It also provides, if reflected on and distilled (disambiguated), the best possible source of internal information from which to understand what is missing or needed and, given the available options, how to best proceed.

For the people and organizations that benefit, profit or are responsible for providing the resources, the best possible source of information from which to intelligently evolve and cost-optimally improve the resources, stems from understanding...

in relation to the specific interaction locations (system anatomy) they are responsible for,

where and why people stutter.

July 13th 2009 Atlanta - J.P. Associates Conference

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