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Feedback - The currency of learning.

Feedback - The difference between what works and what doesn't.

about the Rosetta Stone

The success of any effort to design, develop or improve any component of any system

government, organization, business, community, curriculum, pedagogy, school, project, product, process, service, issue, etc...

in terms of:

constituent participation
cost-optimal achievement of intent

depends on the volume, scope, and detail of the feedback informing its learning.

The volume, scope and detail of feedback flow is inversely related to how difficult it is for its constituents...

learners, teachers, parents, administrators, curriculum providers, assessors, superintendents, board members, stakeholders, customers, etc...

to express their feedback in the moment and in the context of their interactions with the system.

A system's ability to learn from the feedback it gathers is directly related to how well the persons responsible for...

any one or all of the resources available in the system,

any one or all aspects of the implementation, mission or intent behind the system...

learn (in relation to their areas of responsibility and priorities) from the feedback they receive.

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July 13th 2009 Atlanta - J.P. Associates Conference

Miraculous Intersections
Learning to Learn 
Distributed Dialogue Processing
Vision Foundations
Self Esteem and Learning

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