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From Here to Implicity" raises an important issue in an original and literate manner. It reminded me of H.G. Wells' dictum, "History is a race between education and catastrophy." It is worthy of your attention.
Anton Ljutic: Chairman, Department of Social Science,
Champlain Regional College

Appeared as The Compass of Meaning, In Context Magazine, Fall 1990

Appeared as Beyond Knowers in the Brain Mind Bulletin, April 1991

Appeared as From Here to Implicity in the California School Boards Journal, Fall 1991.

Appeared as The Compass of Meaning in the American Music Teacher Journal, Fall 1992.

Appeared as From Here to Implicity Management & Conjoncture Sociale (France) July 1994.

The article was written in 1989-90 at the request of Dee Dickinson of New Horizons for Learning. It describes some of David Boulton's early inquiries into the learning process:

Why is playing Nintendo so engagable for kids?

"Meaning Needs" - the Compass of Learning

The difference between interpersonally facilitated and technology mediated learning

Learning as the process of extending presence

Mutually learning oriented relationships

Inverting the paradigm from "knowers" to "learners"

About the Author (as described with the Publication in 1991)

Founder of Learning Insights Inc., DiaCom Technologies Inc., Learners Unlimited and special consultant/contractor to Apple University, David Boulton is a developer of technologies exclusively for “learners”. His personal interest is understanding the inner interface we all learn in order to mediate “what is” and in the exploration and design of mutually learning oriented relationships. Based on this he is developing technologies which will model a new relationship between humans learning and their learning environments.

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