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David Boulton to Kirk Vandenberghe - Self Esteem 8

Sent: Sunday, March 17, 2002 1:54 PM
To: Kirk VandenBerghe
Cc: Yuki; John Vasconcellos; Elaine King; Gary David
Subject: the role of nominalizations in inner well beingness


The way you brought in nominalizations to connect with my concern about the orientation of the self-esteem movement has been enriching for me. It opens the conversation into the utility-boundaries of nominalizations. Krishanamurti once made a distinction between the need for images in the world (running a business, driving a car, playing a game.....) and the need for a lack of them psychologically (He saw psychological self-measurement as a dangerous locked-loop oscillator that fragments being). In my article 'From Here to Implicity', I said:
Technology is not a substitute for (though it can at times augment) collaborative, co-mentoring, team teaching, group dialogue and of course, one on one, relationship processes. Similarly, actually contacting and caring for other forms of life like flowers and animals is entirely different than learning about them in text books or on video disks. But just as there are aspects of learning we need to minimally mediate, there are aspects of knowledge which by its nature is so abstract that it is best facilitated through a technology-mediated relationship...
This connects right here. What we are all pointing to is this boundary.
So our dialogue goes on:
Lets explore the role of nominalizations in inner well beingness
What is the role of nominalizations in our inner most processes of being? Are they 'underneath' us?  In 'front' or on 'top' of us? Nominalizations are one kind of thing another is the scripts and circuits implied in their patterns.  Does consciousness emerge from nominalizations? Who is doing the nominalizing? What is doing the nominalizing? Its clear that my relationship with knowledge and all knowledge comes from nominalizations. Is there something in 'knowing' that is more than nominalizing nominalizations? Learning? What about my relationship with myself? Its obvious the value of nominalizations to measure and help me improve my performance in a sport or job - do I need them to know who I am - do they underlie me being who I am or weigh me down - both? Is being trapped in this what people have meant by the 'original sin'?
So we begin another tunnel - this one into the OS our being has learned to en-self. 
Thank you for so enriching it - by what you bring to being in it with me - my friend.

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