"DiaCom (Boulton) is working with project teams from a large aerospace firm - as well as for quality improvement systems, management information reporting, and employee communication. -- The importance of Boulton's approach is that it is responsive; it does not assume "this is what you need at this time," an assumption implicit in educational systems, corporate training programs and most learning technology." - Working Wisdom
Today people on the cutting edge of organizational design, management theory, general systems thinking, representational democracy, whole person health care, psychological and somatic therapies (and a whole lot more) are converging on one another. Today, the common and central dynamic that underlies performance and wellness in all individuals and organizations, is learning. - David Boulton in Management & Conjoncture Sociale (France)



However, performance solutions are not the final goal conceived by leading learning scientists such as David Boulton... A key ingredient that has been missing in market research is the ability to gather real-time feedback from customers... The information gathered and processed by DiaCom's Distributed Dialogue Processing system can be used by corporations (and educational systems) to improve the effectiveness of their systems...The payback occurs in the form of organizational learning... - The Interactive Corporation

As a learning theorist, technologist, architect of dialogical infrastructures, and an entrepreneur, David Boulton brings a lot to helping learning oriented organizations succeed.  

As and entrepreneur, he founded five companies, raised over 7 million dollars in private capital and consulted for organizations like Apple, Boeing, and Pacific Bell. His first two companies manufactured the robotic wet processing machinery which made plated media on hard disks possible. He founded two R&D partnerships that developed the hardware and software components of an early notebook computer. His last start up DiaCom, which became the 2way Corporation and subsequently Modern Mind Software, won the Smithsonian Award for Innovation, appeared on Upside Magazine’s Top 100 private companies list and successfully raised over 15 million dollars in private and venture capital.

As a technologist, he has been awarded four patents. One patent, A Method and Apparatus for Implementing User Feedback", is reference by over 40 other patents involving distributed learning relationships. An earlier patent, “The Pipeline”, was to by patents of virtually every major cable box manufacturer in the world and contributed to the early conceptual foundation for the technology of cable based ISPs. “Virtuality”, the virtual university and electronic campus he designed for Apple Computer, won the Optimas Award

As a philosopher and theorist, his articles on business, learning and technology have been published internationally, He has given keynote addresses to a wide variety of audiences throughout the US and Canada. His work has been featured at both the National and California Educational Summits. He is a member of the 21st Century Learning Initiative and was formerly a member of the Dialogue Research Project at M.I.T.'s Organizational Learning Center.  

If you are interested in speaking with David about helping your organization please submit the following form or call our office at 502-290-2526.


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