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David Boulton to John Vasconcellos and Phil Ryan re Privacy  - Ethics 4

John & Phil,
Phil Ryan's letter begins with wanting to correct the notion "that the technical aspects of intelligence data sharing has existed in a meaningful and timely way".  I didn't mean to imply that the systems in place today have the technical capabilities to do what we need.  Rather that the problem isn't a lack of technological capability in general. If our government wanted to have and pay for such a system it could have had one some time ago. The reason we don't have such a system isn't that we haven't had the technological means. Rather, we haven't had the social-economic-political will.  We haven't had it before 9-11 because our perceived need for such a system didn't rise above the social and economic objections to implementing one. Since 9-11 the perceived need has grown to overpower the economic considerations and so the conversation turns to privacy and the related social issues involved.

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