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Heather Barbour & David Boulton Thread re: Ethics and The Intrusion Explosion - Ethics 15

Sent: Thursday, May 02, 2002 8:28 AM

Subject: Article: The Intrusion Explosion
This article from

From Heather to David

David - the more I read from you about this stuff the more I think we are

using the same brain. :-) Thought you might appreciate this piece.

Heather Barbour (w/Sen. Vasconcellos)

The Intrusion Explosion

May 2, 2002


President Bush's retreat on privacy was a triumph for the intrusion lobby.

From David to Heather

On Thu, 2 May 2002 14:09:32 -1000 David Boulton  wrote:

We are using the same brain :-) - thanks - good piece - its amazing to me

that this dog can sleep so well - David

From Heather to David

it's the culture - we're becoming a nation glued together by greed and encouraging the world to do the same

in global historic turns -- we're leading the way into the post-human rights period. homo economus

People just don't see this conversation for what it is - they think it's about spam, when it's really about defining a new notion, applied across all cultures, of a universal "person;" and establishing human rights that transcend geographical and national boundaries, and therefore escape sovereign power

The problem is - different cultures handle these issues in very different ways and our inability to accept this results in increased conflict.

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