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John Vasconcellos to David Boulton and Phil Ryan et al re Ethics  - Ethics 10
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Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2002 12:28 PM

Subject: Re: DAVID BOULTON'S RESPONSE TO airport security PROPOSAL


In a message dated 3/12/02 6:06:54 PM, David Boulton writes:

Phil, I like and agree with what you said. I agree 'un-communicated

information is conveyed (systemic) ignorance'. I like Callixa's approach and

I have actually recommended them to a significant client of mine. I think we

should implement such a system for airline security. My only concern is that

this kind of intelligence-information power can be abused. Once the

disparate systems are subsumed and integrated to provide such on-demand

power, the cost of mining that data for other non initially intended uses is

comparatively low. The issue that emerges for me is similar to human

cloning. Will our society's learning keep pace with and help drive the

ethical debate regarding the limits we impose on such systems? I don't know.

I think we must proceed here and I think before doing so the advocates

should be engaged in a rigorous, non commercially prejudiced, dialogue into

these issues with people who advocate the freedoms of privacy. - Best, David



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