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What most makes humans different from all other known creatures is our capacity to adapt (another word for learning). From spines that learned to support walking upright to controlling the tongue and larynx with the speed and precision needed for speech, we learned our way from non-human to human. For more than six of the seven millions years of our existence we evolved in a profoundly different universe.  We evolved our way up the ladder of becoming more extensively present and learning abled in the NATURAL flow of NOW. 

Modern human society is made possible by and built upon a complexly abstract consensual universe that requires us to be ever more extensively present and learning abled in it's myriad not-now, not-sensorially-present, dynamics.

Our biological inheritance is out of sync with our cultural inheritance and our cultural inheritance is out of sync with our species level necessities. 

How we learn to bridge the real-time flow of our nervous systems with the abstraction processes of thought (our “sense” for contingency awareness) is the “inner interface” we tacitly learn. This inner interface is what regulates our learning - our being.

I believe we are about to participate in the birth of humanity's next evolutionary generation. This next generation will have a "sense" for learning - a significantly different, organically and artificially learning oriented, inner interface.

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