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"Your presentation for our Schools of the Future Design Team was stunning! You challenged all of us that day to stretch our minds and consider the possibilities for individual learners. Your work is the key to revolutionizing schools of the future. I cannot remember when I have had such a great learning experience." - Margaret Gayle, Author of Educational Renaissance

"This is a key direction toward the liberation of learners regardless of their past; to the liberation of teachers so they can better fulfill their role of encouraging, facilitating and enhancing the dialogue with each student -- thanks for the excellent experience today." - Bob Kennedy, Director of Education, Nipissing Board of Education, Canada

"I learned quite a bit and look forward to following your work. In particular, I found our discussion of learning theory quite useful, on abstract and concrete levels. Your insights about how technology can be leveraged to support learners are well reflected in your interface design work. Your vision is encouraging." - Chris Spelius, Research Analyst, Congress of the United States, Office of Technology Assessment

"You put into words why I've had so much trouble learning over the years (ie., not being able to be present to what is experienced). What you said about children 'If children can't resolve the tension produced by the uncertainty surrounding an obstacle, in TIME they become too frustrated and disengage' accurately explains the dynamics of my youth. You've hit on something that, at once, seems perfectly plain when explained, and that at the same time, I've never heard anyone else bring to public awareness -- that being "present" is a prerequisite to being able to learn." - Connie Mantis, Learning Systems Designer, Advanced Technology Group, Apple Computer

"Through David Boulton's presentation my concepts of learning and teaching have been positively shattered, exploded into 10,000 brilliant lights of new ideas. My teaching career will never be the same, nor will it ever be as complacently comfortable." - John Hindle, Administrative Head, Confederation High School

"The Learner Interface is extraordinary. You've captured the essence of how we learn, including how our brains create and process meaning." - Pascal Gayet, President Fitness Consultants, France

"For the past 33 years I have been a teacher and educator of all levels of schooling, colleges and universities and I was extremely impressed by David's insights into the learning process. His proposed "INVISOR" model is not only feasible but also profoundly educationally valid." - Roy Lundin, Ph.D, Director Queensland University of Technology, Australia

"Without reserve, I can confidently say that this is the most exciting academic project I have seen in quite some time." - Mtro. Manuel Gandara, Director Centecemes, University of Baja California, Mexico

"On a purely subjective level, I was personally stunned by the sophistication, yet clarity, of the concept, and my educational background, as well as my long experience in educational computing, told me that it was an absolute winner." - Martin Lowry, Education Marketing Manager, Apple Computer, United Kingdom

"This creative work of art and science must be personally experienced to fully comprehend the profound changes in which 21st. century learning will be accomplished. This nation can ill afford to miss the opportunities that David Boulton's genius makes possible." - Lewis Jaffe, Chairperson, Three R's Network

"David is an extremely powerful and original thinker whose ideas are not restricted by the commonly accepted models of teaching and learning. His argument that we need to produce "learners" rather than "knowers" is lucid and would strike a chord with any educator interested in more than just the mechanical transference of information from static resource to passive student." - Paul Holland, Senior Education Officer, Department of Education, Queensland Australia

"Thanks for the great presentation. There is great potential for your ideas. The subjective meaning paradigm and theory of learning and (overall) direction ring true." - Michael G. Fullan, Dean Faculty of Education, University of Toronto

"You impress me as one much like Buckminster Fuller: you think in the future tense. Your ideas are seminal and exciting, your language inventive. More than anything else, you persuade me, like it or not, that marvellous learning technologies and breakthroughs are upon us. Their coming use is inexorable." - James E. Conner, ED.D., President Possibilities Unlimited

"The issues [David] raises are certainly important and must ring bells with anyone who spends any length of time around young children with open heart, eyes and mind to the rich patterns of conception, thought and action that characterize their play." - Christopher Roper, Managing Director, Longman Logotron England

"Levers on change - Wonderful potential for refining and redirecting personnel and systems in education." - Burle Summers, Director of Learning Assessment Branch, Ontario Ministry of Education

"Your notion of the "relationship" between information and the learner is indeed electric and touches on my experience of the process of change and growth when I do psychotherapy." - Walter E. Jensen, Ph.D.

"Very promising - I'd call it a practical approach to the development of spirit in human beings (you call it learning-oriented subjectivity)." - Bob Williams, Director of Education, Halton Board of Education, Ontario, Canada

"Your [work] has contributed substantially to our thinking on the interconnections in our work. I am presently drafting a piece for my constituency of farmers and activists around the country based on it. " - Thomas Forster, Executive Director, Organic Farmers Associations Council

"It has opened up a new range of possibilities for me." - Robert Lee, Director of Education, Peel Board of Education

  "I was so taken with David Boulton's information that I will now be working to see what could be done to duplicate the exercise for a larger audience of educators here in Alberta. Indeed, a number of my Cabinet colleagues were so impressed with what I had to say in my debriefing that they would want to be included in a similar exercise." - Jim Dinning, Minister of Education, Alberta, Canada

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